Scrying by Moonlight

The past Full Moon energy is bringing back the age-old adage of Lunacy.
Lunacy’ or ‘Lunatic’ is an antiquated term for someone seen as mentally ill, dangerous or crazy. If we look back in time there are so many examples of gifted humans. My favorite is the tale of Cassandra, a Trojan Priestess cursed to utter true prophecies, but never to be believed. One story states she was cursed by the god Apollo, another states she fell asleep in the temple of Delphi where the snakes whispered in her ears, so that she could see the future.
Either way she became a figure of epic tragedy.
The practice of prophecy seeking and the tools we use for guidance and revelations. Some people think it’s crazy. But the desperate search for answers can take us to the darkest of places.
Crystal balls, expensive psychics, fire, runes, tarot, trance, dowsing, numerology, mirrors, water, meditation, astrology, hypnosis, tea leaves…It's endless. Sometimes it’s helpful. Being prepared is good.
Other times we do so much damage, searching for something to fill the silence, often filling it ourselves with what we predict.
This innate need to know, to be heard, to be seen. We have 2 eyes, 2 ears and 1 mouth, prompting me to think in times of unknowing we should listen and look twice as much as we speak.
Which leads me to the Aspen tree and another legend of the Norse warrior named Odin. He fasted for nine days and nights, seeking wisdom to understand life and death and from this labor came the knowledge of Runes.
Runes are one of the oldest forms of letters. Many runes were first created out of stones and wood, using a casting method and a gifted persons intuition to interpret the characters and foretell a path.
The Aspen tree was more genuinely used to make shields as opposed to runes, because some Cultures found them suspicious and too mysterious. The Aspen tree is more commonly known as a poplar tree, Latin for "Populustremula’’ meaning trembling poplar because they appear to tremble in the wind. Celtic mythology tells us that’s actually the tree whispering, communicating between this world and the next.
As the Aspen tree grows, it self-prunes and drops the lower branches that don’t receive enough sun, the limbs fall and mark the tree, leaving shapes that have an uncanny similarity to a human eye.
Though its rare, you can sometimes see tears in the eyes, which is nothing but leaking sap. Also, some would say it’s the tree see everything, hear everything, but have no voice to speak with and tears are often the words your soul cannot say.
Aspen Trees are so powerful that the leaves were often worn as protection. The notable hero Hercules, who was coincidentally driven mad and delusional by Hera, went on to commit atrocities on those he loved. Hercules consulted the oracle at Delphi on how to seek purification for his crimes, who told him to undertake 12 years of 12 Labors. The final and most dangerous labor required him to go to the underworld and kidnap Cerberus, the 3 headed beast who guarded the entrance. Hercules overpowered the beast with his brute strength and sheer force of will, the promise of redemption in sight. He was wearing a crown of Aspen leaves for protection.
The current retrograde is bringing up a tidal wave of emotions, pulled by the Full moon and my advice is let it out! You’ve sat with it long enough, labored with it long enough, stop sinking under the weight of it, stop drowning in your sorrow and lay it to rest.
We use this time to draw upon hidden reserves of strength, guided by our intuition and what we know, what we see. Yes, a Crystal Ball would be nice but the future is ever changing and subject to human choice so don’t spend too long looking at the stars. Spend time focusing on the trees and practicing your breathing and patience. Or sit with a friend over some hot tea and read the leaves for fun.
Sometimes, a good cry always helps…empty yourself of the truth that needs to be told and use this time to clarify your goals you may have lost sight of. Crying clears your vision so cry it out if you need to. I find it easier to let go when Im near water, usually the sea. It’s a good mashup. Sea Crying…Scrying.
May Lights Guide You


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