Safe Haven and Safe Arms

As humans, we get so good at avoiding pain. We know it's inevitable, but we love to bury our heads in the sand like Ostrich’s, praying it will pass us by.
We bury ourselves in work, in exercise, in housework, in rationalisation, blame, justification, self-doubt, in weighted blankets, drugs, alcohol, the wrong instant gratification, Everything but the Uncomfortable Truth.
We should be burying our hands and feet in the earth instead! Crunchy sand to stimulate our Nervous system, exfoliate our skin, muddy dirt to get in touch with Mycelium Fungi in the Forest, Salt-water to stimulate our Vagus response.
Sometimes we can’t find safety in those places or time to get there or even the capacity to bring ourselves to do it. Sometimes those places of beauty in nature are tarred by memories of the people and things that have caused us pain.
Sometimes we don’t want to go alone..
Sometimes we feel that lost and displaced and disconnected we wonder how we can possibly ever feel safe again.
It's when we are cracked wide open, vulnerable, broken and bleeding that we stop and listen. And look. And we feel. And because we have millions of years of genetic memory guiding us to survive we begin to seek.
In seeking, we find.
It still hurts. Healing always does. But unlike an Ostrich egg, humans have the magnificent ability to repair when we are cracked. Mother Earth offers us so many natural solutions to speed that process up.
Salt-water, Certain plants with medicinal properties, trees and bark. We have an abundant amount of resources available, sometimes we just need to ask for help in finding it.
I was lucky enough to find a few little safe havens this week, where I could meet new people, sat with familiar ones, learnt new things, taught old lessons, I watched, listened and waited.
And was reminded that my voice matters.

It is ok to bury ourselves every now and then.. In some Indigenous Cultures it’s a ceremonial act.. it’s a way to grieve, to leave something behind, to let it rest.
And when I hurt, I crave the arms of a mother or grandmother or sister wrapped around me. Or a child sleeping peacefully on my chest as I breath in her strawberry bubblegum hair smell. Or the strong arms of a safe man holding you through a nightmare as you drift back off to sleep.
Thankyou to the Haven Hub for my beautiful cup of tea, the belonging, new friendships and the gorgeous Jade Onyx Egg. It reminded me of Emu energy and wisdom. To sit and protect my nest.
To open my eyes and see what was happening around me as well as within me. A soothing crystal for sorrow, grief and blocked chakras.
It's ok to feel heavy with all of the hurt, just like being covered in sand at the beach. But at the end, when your done, head to the water and wash it all off and let it go. Leave the baggage behind and move forward. Its time to check the seeds you’ve planted, because healing time is also growing time.
Nothing but love and light xxx

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