Colour: Light blue, Lilac, Grey
Chakras: Crown, Third Eye & Throat
Element: Air
Planet: Uranus & Moon
Zodiac: Aquarius
*Inner guidance
*Deep peace & tranquility
*Assists astral travel & spirit journeys
*Raises the state of conscious awareness
*Facilitates contact with your angels & spirit guides
*Helps connect to your higher self
*Enhances psychic healing
*Heightens perception
*Assists to speak the truth
*Promotes communication & self expression
*Dispels fear, anger & anxiety converting them to tranquility
*Encourages forgiveness
*Transmutes pain into healing
*Helps connect to universal knowledge
*Facilitates the rebirthing process
*Stimulates healing
*Opens psychic channeling
*Brings deeper understanding of mathematics
*Assists alleviation of inflammation and balances the thyroid & parathyroid
*Assists with correcting blood deficiencies
*Useful in weight control
*Can be used for headaches, heart function and the circulatory system