Colour: Green, blue, red, brown & peach
Chakras: Varies on colour
Element: Water, Earth & Air
Planet: Mercury & Venus
Zodiac: Aries & Leo
*Enhances creativty
*Stimulates perception
*Calms anger & irritation
*Protects the heart chakra
*Encourages perseverance
*Stabilises the state of mind
*Balances male-female energy
*Stimulates emotional recovery
*Absorbs electromagnetic smog
*Sees alternatives & possibilities
*Promotes compassion & empathy
*Encourages regeneration of the heart
*Protects against environmental pollution
*Relieves stammers & severe neuroses
*Reinforces leadership qualities & decisiveness
*Diffuses negative situations & turns them around
*Brings together the intellectual & emotional bodies
*Guards against psychic vampirism of heart energy
*Soothes the eyes
*Lowers cholesterol
*Helps ease skin allergies
*Balances blood pressure
*Stimulates the metabolism
*Relieves migraine headaches
*Has an anti inflammatory effect
*Benefits the thymus gland, connective tissue & nervous system
*Heals the adrenals, lungs, sinuses, heart & muscular and urogenital systems
Specific colours:
*Powerful mental healer
*Settles nausea
*Protects the heart
*Brings things back into control
*Useful in malignant conditions
*Brings wellbeing & emotional calm
*Dissolves negative emotions & thoughts