Colour: Green, Blue, Yellow, Orange, Clear, Brown, Pink, Grey & Red
Chakras: Varies on colour
Element: Varies on colour
Planet: Varies on colour
Zodiac: Varies on colour
*Boosts memory
*Calms the mind
*Stimulates insights
*Alleviates emotional stress
*Cleanses organs of elimination
*Teaches discernment & analysis
*Accelerates spiritual development
*Speeds up development and growth
*Assists with turning ideas into action
*Powerful amplifier & cleanser of energy
*Removes stagnant energy in the body
*Fascilitates the opening of higher awareness, psychic abilities, channeling & out of body experiences
*Allows the soul to remember experiences when it returns to the body
*Connects the emotions with the intellect, creating emotional intellegence
*Combats laziness, aiding in becoming more energetic on all levels
*Fadcilitates knowing which information is important and retaining it
*Strengthens bones & joints
*Fortifies the immune system
*Cleans & reenergises the chakras
*Encourages calcium uptake in bones
*Alleviates intestinal & skin conditions
*Stimulates blood clotting & tissue healing
Specific colours:
*Allevitates depression
*Returns the souls to the body after trauma or stress
*Record keeper for regression & regaining memories so the past can be released
*Dissolves pain
*Lowers blood pressure
*Releases negative emotions
*Works gently for recuperation & relaxation
*Used on the throat chakra, it aids in clear communication
*Absorbs energy, filters it & returns it to benefit the sender
*Deep soul healing
*Powerful detoxifier
*Cleanses & aligns all the chakras
*Opens & clears the inner & outer eye
*Excellent for meditation & attuning to the higher mental planes
*Instills mental alertness as it grounds the higher mental energies into the physical realm
*Absorbs negativity
*Aids communication
*Restores balance to the mind
*Dissolves rigid beliefs & old programs
*Calms adrenals
*Rids the body of bacterial infections
*Cools fevers, burns & inflammation
*Powerful stimular for the immune system
*Assist with athritis & constrictions of the ligaments or muscles
*Removes fear
*Balances the emotions
*Overcomes depression
*Dissolves problems & Maximises potential
*Removes mucus from the sysem
*Heals the reproductive system, gallbladder & intestinal disorders
*Prevents nightmares
*Lifts tension & anxiety
*Heals nervous conditions
*Aids self worth & self acceptance
*Releases fear & grief that keep the heart trapped in the past
*Alleviates fear
*Aids willpower
*Uplifts emotions
*Increases energy
*Opens the heart chakra
*Removes stagnant energy, including constipation, dissolving blockages
*Heals hip & lower limb problems
*Removes blockages that prevent you from stepping forward in your life
*Stimulates the higher mind
*Enhances meditation, including a deep state of relaxation & spirituality
*Boosts positive energy
*Awakens the third eye chakra
*Fascilitates harmony & peace
*Attracts success & abundance
*Assists with communication with the higher realms
*Increases & intensifies the energy of other crystals
*Increases feelings of self worth, confidence & courage