Colour: Orange to red, sometimes yellow or brown
Chakras: Root, Sacral & Solar Plexus
Element: Fire
Planet: Mars & Sun
Zodiac: Leo, Taurus, Cancer & Virgo
*Can cleanse & charge other crystals
*High energy
*Motivation & courage
*Abundance & prosperity
*Grounds you in present reality
*Self trust & self esteem
*Overcomes negative conditioning
*Aids those who are grieving
*Assists those seeking wisdom
*Improves analytic abilities
*Sharpens concentration
*Calms anger
*Strengthens the voice
*Can be used to help remove unwanted things from your life
*Useful for reverse spells & success spells
*Stimulates the metabolism
*Increases fertility
*Heals lower back problems
*Regulates bodily fluids & the kidneys