Colour: Metallic silvery grey/black
Chakras: Root chakra
Element: Earth & Fire
Planet: Mars
Zodiac: Aries & Aquarius
*Grounding & protecting
*Peace & harmony
*Strengthens your aura
*Deflects negative energy
*Focus & concentration
*Blocks psychic attacks
*Assists with clearing confusion & overwhelm
*Enhances memory & original thought
*Courage, Strength, endurance & vitality
*Strengthens connection with the earth
*Balances the meridians within the body
*Boosts self esteem and enhances willpower & reliability
*Focuses energy & emotions for balance between the body, mind & spirit
*Dissolves negativity & prevents you from absorbing the negativity of others
*Helps to overcome compulsions & addictions
*Restores, strengthens & regulates the blood supply
*Supports the kidneys
*Assist with treating leg cramps, anxiety & insomnia
*Stimulates the absorption of iron