Lapis Lazuli

Colour: Medium to dark blue with light grey to dark grey stripes & patches & gold flecks
Chakras: Third eye & Throat
Element: Air
Planet: Jupiter, Mercury, Saturn & Neptune
Zodiac: Libra & Sagittarius
*Inspires confidence
*Sharpens intellect
*Strengthens memory
*Protects against psychic attack
*Releases stress & brings deep peace
*Brings harmony & deep inner self-knowledge
*Encourages self-awareness & allows self-expression
*Reveals inner truth, bringing qualities of honesty & compassion
*Brings clarity & encourages creativity
*Aids in expression of feelings & emotions
*Boosts the immune system
*Purifies the blood
*Lowers blood pressure
*Alleviates insomnia & vertigo
*Benefits the respiratory & nervous systems as well as the throat, vocal chords & thyroid
*Cleanses organs, bone marrow & thymus