Colour: Red, Brown, Yellow, Green, Blue & Purple
Chakras: Sacral & Root
Element: Fire
Planet: Mars
Zodiac: Leo, Virgo & Scorpio
*Brings courage
*Aids quick thinking
*Provides protection
*Balances yin & yang
*Reenergises the body
*Supports during stress
*Absorbs negative energy
*Stimulates the imagination
*Aligns the chakras & the aura
*Grounds energies & the body
*Brings tranquility & wholeness
*Encourages honesty with yourself
*Promotes organisational abilities
*Clears electromagnetic & environmental pollution
*Supports during prolonged illness & hospitilisation
*Aligns the physical, emotional and mental bodies with the etheric realm
*Prolongs sexual pleasure
*Balances the mineral content of the body
*Supports the circulatory, digestive & sexual organs
Specific colours:
*Stimulates the root chakra
*Grounds energy
*Assists with rebirthing
*Assists with dream recall
*Rectifies unjust situations
*Cleans & stabilises the aura
*Strengthens your boundaries
*Provides insight into difficult situations
*Dissolves blockages in the liver and bile ducts
*Brings awareness to problems before they get too big
*Strengthens and detoxes the circulatory system, blood & liver
*Stimulates the Solar Plexus chakra
*Channels positive energy
*Releases toxins in the body
*Heals digestion & the stomach
*Energises the endocrine system
*Protects during spiritual work & physical travel
*Stimulates the Throat chakra
*Connects you to the spiritual world
*Balances yin & yang energy
*Stabilises the aura
*Heals degenerative diseases
*Balances mineral deficiency
*Encourages ecological awareness
*Brings stability & balance
*Alleviates geopathic & environmental stress
*Fascilitates deep meditation
*Fascilitates regression of past lives, revealing karmic causes
*Encourages astral travel
*Stimulates the earth chakra
*Boosts the immune system
*Clears pollutants & toxins from the body
*Stimulates the cleansing organs
*Heals the skin
*Strengthens the resolve to give up smoking
*Simulates the heart chakra
*Dispels bloating
*Releases obsession
*Treats skin disorders
*Reduces toxicity & inflammation
*Heals ailments of the upper torso, the digestive tract & the purifying organs
*Stimulates the crown chakra
*Brings a sense of fun to life
*Increases loyalty in relationships
*Assist with seeing one's strengths & weaknesses clearly
*Purifies the blood
*Boosts the immune system