Tiger's Eye

Colour: Golden yellow & brown bands, Pink. Blue & Red
Chakras: Sacral & Solar Plexus
Element: Fire & Earth
Planet: Sun
Zodiac: Leo & Capricorn
*Protection & grounding
*Brings good luck
*Dispels fear & anxiety
*Balances yin-yang
*Energises the emotional body
*Stabilises mood swings
*Focuses the mind & promotes mental clarity
*Motivates you to take initiative, pursue action & make things happen
*Assists with resolving problems objectively & unclouded by emotions
*Promotes purpose, courage & self-confidence
*Protective against the evil eye & psychic vampires
*Shields against mental & verbal attacks by people with power or influence over you
*Can be used for channeling past worlds
*Can help you to feel less unsettled by unwanted spirits that intrude
*Releases tension
*Treats eye, throat & reproductive organs
*Releases toxins
*Alleviates pain
*Strengthens the alignment of the spinal column